Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Z Property Management your smartest choice for High Desert management services?

A: We are a full service management company, with dedicated property managers on staff full time to serve YOU. These property managers, while also licensed realtors for your protection, engage in property management exclusively. This means that if you ever have a question or concern and would like to speak with your property manager, you can rest assured that he or she will not be busy “showing a property,” or “out in the field.” Our property managers are here for you!

Q: What do you charge?

A: We charge 1/3 of the first month rent for commission to find and place a qualified tenant, and 7% a month thereafter to manage the property, depending upon the number of units you need managed. The more units you have, the lower your management fee will go.

Q: If the rent is only $400 a month, for example, will you still only charge 7% monthly or is there a minimum fee?


Q: What if I find my own tenant, will you still charge a leasing commission?

A: Depends – if we spend money advertising your unit, then yes we will charge a fee. If you already have a tenant, or tell us that you’d prefer to place your own tenant, then we will happily waive your leasing commission.

Q: What if I want help finding a tenant ONLY and would like to manage the property myself, will you do tenant placement only?


Q: What exactly do your services include, and if I want more, or less, can and will you accommodate?

A: YES! Standard services include the following: tenant placement, rent collection, owner payments, owner cash-flow and monthly statement preparation, fielding tenant and owner questions, coordinating repairs, communicating effectively and promptly, protecting owner from liability regarding housing laws, paying vendors, ACH owner payments if requested, serving tenant notices, attending trial if need be, coordinating eviction services if need be, ensuring property compliance with code enforcement, verifying insurance information, paying your mortgage and/or utility/HOA/tax bills if requested, negotiating county or city liens on your behalf, activating utility services in our name if requested, installing a “for rent” sign, routine property inspections to ensure that our level of property care is being met, prorating rent, cooperating with outside brokers, accounting and bookkeeping, year-end statements, lease preparation and renewals, and property advertising and marketing.
Some or all services can be reduced in order to provide a lower management fee if requested, with the exception of rent collection – this service cannot be waived.

Q: What do you do to market the property?

A: We advertise on exactly 82 public listing syndication websites including,,,,, etc..

Q: Will you pay a leasing commission to a cooperating broker?

A: Yes

Q: Will you pay a referral fee to a licensed broker?

A: Yes

Q: You mentioned “additional services,” what are you referring to?

A: monthly gardening, pest control, BPO services (broker price opinions), discounted real estate services if requested, procuring multiple repair bids for owner comparison, appliance delivery and installation, routine carpet cleaning services, maid services, legal references if needed, access to our vendor database for a comprehensive suite of discounted home services ranging.

Q: How is Z Property Management different from other property management companies?

A: Z Property Management was founded on a principal of unwavering and uncompromising commitment to superior customer service and client satisfaction. What this means is that we are not realtors trying to augment our income by managing properties on the side. Our property managers are salaried employees who serve because they LOVE this business, period. In our experience, property managers that care lead to managers with a higher level of care. This generally results in happier tenants. If you’ve ever owned a property before, you should know that happy tenants equal happy owners – why? Happy tenants TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROPERTY. Angry or disgruntled tenants are more likely to cause damage to your property, which usually translates to higher repair costs for the owner down the line.

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Depends. We are ALWAYS looking for good people that LOVE property management and have a strong desire to serve, call us for details.

Get A Free Month’s Rent

Refer a client to us that we end up managing 1 or more properties with and we will give you a month’s free rent! This is a fantastic offer that benefits both you, us, and your referral.