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Leasing Commission

We offer the best value for filling your vacant properties quickly, efficiently, and with QUALITY tenants that we prescreen for you. While our leasing rates vary per property and size, we generally charge 1/3 of the first month rent as a leasing commission for securing a tenant.

Ask around and you’ll find this to be EXTREMELY reasonable. Generally realtors or management companies will charge 50% to 100% of the first month rent as a commission, we only take 1/3, while offering superior service at the same time!

Management Fees

Once leased, monthly management fees are only 8% of gross rents collected! Depending upon the number of units you need managed, the more units you have, the lower your management fee will go.

We have no minimum fee. So as an example, if the rent is only $400 a month, we will still only charge 8% monthly.

If you find your own tenant, we may or may not charge a leasing fee. This depends if we spend money advertising your unit. If so, then yes we will charge a fee. If you already have a tenant, or tell us that you’d prefer to place your own tenant, then we will happily waive your leasing commission.

Why Us

Focused On Rental Properties

With our focus on rental properties comes a truly deep understanding of all aspects of this market for owners and tenants alike.

Hands On Property Inspections

Our active team provides interior and exterior property inspections so that your property is always watched to maintain its integrity.

Affordable Rates

We offer the best value for filling your vacant properties quickly, efficiently, and with QUALITY tenants that we prescreen for you.

24/7 Account Access

Always know what is happening with your property and stay up to date by using our online Owner Portal to access your property.

Comprehensive Marketing

We will advertise your rental property to the world! This means the MLS, and exactly 91 public listing syndication websites.

Experience and Efficiency

Our property managers are all licensed realtors that are FULL TIME property managers. We understand all aspects of the market.

Full Service Management

We cover all aspects of managing your property. There is nothing that we don’t take care of to give you peace of mind.

Fantastic Support

We pride ourselves on holding a high degree of customer support. We are here to communicate with you when you need it.

Clients Love Our Work

  • Jonathan was great about returning calls, replying to emails and keep me updated with everything. Jonathan and his staff were very helpful to me in signing the my contract electronically which saves on making long trips. When it is necessary, he will reply to you 7 days a week.

    Mazen EissaProperty Owner
  • We buy homes on a regular basis for investment purposes but this transaction was different. We were on the hunt for a personal friend of ours. When we found the home they wanted we were glad we had Laura Kudo and Jon Zuckerman.

    Kevin Troy ConstructionInvestor

Trusted In Our Community

We make it a priority to follow the highest standards of excellence in our industry and earn the trust from our community.

Earn More On Your Rentals

  • Discover the value of your property
  • Learn how we manage properties
  • Be at ease with the best knowledge on rentals

Community Outreach

Our community is important to us. As a result we are actively involved in various community outreach programs. We believe that giving back to your communities you thrive in is as important as running a successful business within them.

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