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Property Analysis and Evaluation

We will determine the FRMV (Fair rental market value) by juxtaposing current leased “like” properties with yours, while concurrently accounting for property condition and repairs needed, if any.


We will advise on repair recommendations needed to obtain top market rents, while also offering our opinion of realistic rent projections without recommended upgrades made. This will allow you not only better understand your rental market, but to more appropriately determine whether repairs are financially justified.


We will advertise your rental property to the world! This means the MLS, and exactly 91 public listing syndication websites including but not limited to Zillow, Redfin, trulia,,,, etc..

Rent Collections

We will collect all rents, remit payments for vendors, assess late fees when needed, post notices, go to court for you when needed, and even pay your mortgage and HOA fees if requested as well. Once collected we will send you your money monthly via ACH payment or check, whichever you’d prefer.

Evictions (if required)

Given the time and diligence we take in screening tenants, meticulously explaining our rules, payment timelines, and procedures to them, the number of evictions we see is fewer than that of most management companies in the area.


Notwithstanding, however, should an eviction happen to arise, we will appear in court for you, serve notices when needed, and even testify on your behalf, armed with a comprehensive arsenal including documents and a detailed chronology of events complete with time-stamped photos and even signed affidavit’s when applicable and needed.

Property and Asset Management

We will professionally and accurately determine FRMV (Fair rental market value) by not only comparing your property to others with respect to the nuts and bolts of it.


The general nuts and bolts include the year built, square footage, lot size, income potential, rooms, layout, functional utility, etc… but along with this we provide you a detailed condition assessment in order to better equip you with determining the most appropriate course of action: fixing and renting, vs. doing nothing and renting.


We offer the best value for filling your vacant properties quickly, efficiently, and with QUALITY tenants that we prescreen for you. While our leasing rates vary per property and size…


We generally charge 1/3 of the first month rent as a leasing commission for securing a tenant. Ask around and you’ll find this to be EXTREMELY reasonable Generally realtors or management companies will charge 50% to 100% of the first month rent as a commission, we only take 1/3, while offering superior service at the same time! Once leased, monthly management fees are only 7% of gross rents collected!

Serving Required Notices

We serve most legal notices including 3 day pay or quit notices, unlawful detainer, eviction notices, etc.. Here’s what we do not do: We are NOT a law-firm, though we DO have good relations with several highly reputable real estate attorneys in the area and can recommend an excellent one if need be; we are also not licensed CPAs – so you might want to consult your tax preparer for any tax related questions.

Day To Day Problems

Being a landlord is no easy job, particularly when you have multiple rentals, and tenants taking up a lot of your time with questions, requests, concerns, and/or propositions for you Well as a full service management company, we field all tenant calls for you – why?


Well sometimes what is a HUGE problem for a tenant (missing shower towel rack, for example) is a minor problem for an owner – but more importantly and more common, small issues for tenants (slow toilet leak, for example,) if unaddressed can materialize into quite a costly problem for the owner down the road. For this reason, we educate our tenants properly by informing them that ALL issues, large or small should be reported promptly, and we will decide whether it’s an issue that requires immediate attention, or perhaps one that may be deferred for a short while. This is especially important once a tenant vacates – why? Well in many cases there may be some damage caused by a leak, for example…The owner will then wish to charge the tenant for damages to property caused by the leak, and tenant will invariably say the leak was there when they moved in. Let’s, for argument sake, assume the tenant is right and the leak was there – does that mean the damage the leak caused is the owner’s fault?? Answer: MAYBE. IF the tenant reports the issue, and management/the owner ignores it, what more could the tenant have done? Hiring us GIVES YOU ACCOUNTABILITY by a professional, well versed in tenant/landlord laws. No one likes a slumlord, and with management rates as low as 7% monthly, you now have NO EXCUSES

Maintenance Requests / Concerns

From roof leaks, to new lock landscaping, to updated kitchens, Z Property Management has compiled and vetted an extensive vendor list with only the most competent, honest, and qualified contractors around.


We use only licensed & bonded vendors and take special care in the selection of our contractors. Maintenance requests can be submitted online via our secure tenant portal, from there, the request is sent to the cellphone of one our property managers, where a determination regarding importance and priority will be made for the preservation of the asset. In other words if we get a maintenance request from a tenant at 3am about a broken microwave door, we will address it the next day, but if a tenant calls at this hour complaining that there is water shooting out of their walls, we’ll have a licensed plumber there within the hour. Why? To protect YOUR property and minimize repair costs.

Exterior Inspections

Our property managers are all licensed realtors, but they, for the most part ARE NOT active realtors, they are FULL TIME property managers on salary. Why do we mention this?


We want you to know that for us and for our property managers, property management is a PASSION, and as such, is NOT something that we take lightly. All too often owners will endeavor to get a simple question answered about an invoice only to discover that their property manager is “out in the field” selling real estate….Not us – real estate is done by Z Real Estate, but Z Property Management does NOT do any real estate sales. We compartmentalize for a reason: we want our property managers to BE THERE FOR OUR OWNERS at all times, no matter the circumstance or situation. The only time our property managers are “out in the field,” so to speak, is when they are performing routine EXTERIOR INSPECTIONS on your property! Why do we do this? To save you money of course! If the weeds are too tall, trash is piling up on the front lawn, or the property generally appears unsightly or unkempt, for example, we want you, the owner, to know. More importantly, if you know before the city does, then together we can address the issues with the tenant before city fines and/or penalties for non-compliance begin to accrue. All properties are checked at least once a month at minimum.

Computerized Statements

We offer advanced computerized statements with improved technology that allows ALL owners to access everything from owner statements, year end statements, repair bills, etc..


All from THIS WEBSITE with seamless and secure cloud storage. No more saving statements for when you might need them. Want only one from last year? No problem, simply log in, and there it is!

Leasing of Vacancies

Z Property Management works closely with Z Real Estate when it comes to leasing your vacancies. Why? Well realtors are good for some things, but generally speaking, realtors operate on a 100% commission basis, meaning that if you expect something for nothing, or for close to it from a realtor, you probably won’t get it.


I mention this because commissions for leasing are low to begin with, and with a Z Property Management leasing commission of only 1/3 of the first month rent, the odds of this adequately incentivizing most realtors to get up and show your property are low at best. For this reason, we have salaried property managers that LOVE this business, not the real estate side, and thrive on the nuts and bolts of solely property management We will lease your vacant property NOW and for top dollar!

Tenant Screening

Credit Checks and Criminal Background checks on all applicants nationwide! This is crucial as many management or real estate companies will relegate background screenings to the state in which the property resides only – but in most cases someone who has been evicted will go somewhere else – and in many times this means out of state!

Interior Inspections

We will coordinate bi annual FULL INTERIOR property inspections while juxtaposing our findings with the move-in report we have on file regarding your tenant in order to determine what damage, if any, is new and whether it was caused by tenant and can be charged to tenant.

Book Keeping

Online, real-time access of anything from cash-flow statements, to owner statements, to repair bills, to year end statements – all online in our secured cloud backup for easy retrieval anywhere in the world!

Rent Recommendations

We will consult with Z Real Estate regarding pricing, while offering you several options. 1) What you can expect AS IS, what you can expect FIXED UP, and/or what you might able to command with minimal property improvements.

Lease Renewals

Lease renewals are seamless and automatic, unless of course either tenant or landlord chooses to be on a month-to-month type of arrangement, though we’d recommend keeping all tenants in an active lease agreement.

Competitive Pricing That Works For You

We offer the best value for filling your vacant properties quickly, efficiently, and with QUALITY tenants that we prescreen for you. Compared to most management companies our prices are a great deal for you and save you money in the short and long term immensely.

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  • Jonathan was great about returning calls, replying to emails and keep me updated with everything. Jonathan and his staff were very helpful to me in signing the my contract electronically which saves on making long trips. When it is necessary, he will reply to you 7 days a week.

    Mazen EissaProperty Owner
  • We buy homes on a regular basis for investment purposes but this transaction was different. We were on the hunt for a personal friend of ours. When we found the home they wanted we were glad we had Laura Kudo and Jon Zuckerman.

    Kevin Troy ConstructionInvestor

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